Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Porcelain Problems

This year, more than ever, I find myself leaving the studio very frustrated. This irritation stems from a combination of things, yet the most apparent is because of the many technical difficulties I've experienced with porcelain. The type of clay I am using throws b-e-a-utifully but it is extremely temperamental. 

It's difficult to join things together. Even under slow drying conditions, handles literally rip off the body of the pot (pulling with it, a chunk of the original thrown form). These issues I've been having with porcelain, along with general 24-year-old-artist thoughts/questions/concerns make it difficult to work or produce anything I somewhat like. 

In order to deal with my frustration, I've been doing a lot of stream-of-conscience journaling.  I find it helps me process these in-the-moment, passionate "I hate art" emotions. Written words are safe. No judgement. 

I had a rough night in the studio yesterday, so I wrote when I got home. As expected, I turned off my conscious mind and woke up refreshed, carrying only subtle, residual thoughts from the previous night. 

Today I threw large forms and applied some slips. Overall a productive evening and the Black Keys helped me stay up beat. 

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