Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is It the End of Summer!??


For those of you who follow this blog, I haven't posted in several days as my life has been a whirl wind. So nothing ceramic related today. but I'll share whats been going on this week at America's first certified organic grocery store. 

Its that time of year again. Its time for fresh kicks, sparkly gel-pens and organic granola bars. Thats right, its time to go back-to-school kids!!! Wait a minute, didn't a store e-mail just go out reminding employees that there will be a lot more kids in the store now that school is out? Oh well, lets sell some deli meats!

Three more signs of this size & style are in the works

My job as a signmaker and messenger is to voice the unfortunate news, that the days of aloe gel and A1 steak sauce are coming to an end. 

BTS is a sad time for many. But it just so happens to be my favorite holiday to sign for. My last two weeks of work will consist of lunch boxes, primary colors and googly-eyed, talking broccoli...what's better then that? 

Alrighty, I am off to a dear friend's wedding this weekend. Be back next week!

Strawberry Shortcake. Check out the puffs of whipped cream!

I am loving these scribbled marker meat kabobs!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Studio KotoKoto & Birdie Boone

Just stumbled across this great shop/website/blog 

The feature some really great artists, not just ceramicists. 

Mmmmm, love her glazing. Great pooling at the base. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

I've seen Birdie Boone's work in person before, but I didn't know her work was hand-built. I'd say the approach with the majority of hand-built pots reveals that they were constructed with slabs. That is certainly not the case with Birdie Boone's work. There is so much movement and "plush-ness", this whole time she had me thinking they were altered off the wheel. I hold great respect and appreciation for many hand built potters, but I've never seen such dynamic pots as those created by Birdie Boone. 

This image is incredible! All of her clay stained patterns hanging beautifully in her studio. (Photo by Birdie Boone)

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Pots! 7/5/13

I've updated my website with a few new pots. I'm using a different clay body and the colors came out a bit brighter this time.

 I'm not sure if I'll be making anymore pots before I move. It's hard to say. But my goal this year is to focus on plates, platters, serving pieces, etc.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back to Ceramics

Hey! So I finally glazed this last batch of cups. A lot of people ask how I create my surface. In the green state, I apply slip and after bisquing, I apply washes. These images show the 2nd stage of color I apply with washes. A wash is simply a stain, a flux and H2O and behaves similar to water colors. 

These pots are in the kiln and should be out tomorrow night! Pictures to follow :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 2nd

Cows are the sweetest and most gentle animals on the planet. This guy is being a little nosey as he eats some grass.

These guys were tweetin' this incredible organic grape sale to customers as they walked by.
I slowed down a little today and spent some time on this ricotta, berries, honey sign. yum. Will finish this up tomorrow