Monday, June 17, 2013

Slippity Doo Dah

Much of my surface comes from colored slips that I apply in the green state. It's kind of a tricky process because ideally, I'd like to apply slip when the pot is leather hard so the clay and slip dry together, allowing for a thick, rich application of drips and color. 

However, I've found that the cup (or whatever I am working on) absorbs the water so quickly in the leather hard state, that the piece becomes soft and malleable almost instantly, making it impossible to handle until the next day. 

So while not ideal, I have mostly been applying thin slips in the green state. If the slip is thin enough, it dries quickly and the water does absorb into the walls of the piece. But if it too thick, the slip will pool up and crack off. 

I hope once I am able to establish a routine/cycle down in Florida, that "day of waiting to redry" will work its way in smoothly.  I'd like a bit thicker application.

These guys just went for their first vacation to kiln land.  Looking forward to experimenting applying washes and glazes a tad different this time. 

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