Saturday, July 6, 2013

Studio KotoKoto & Birdie Boone

Just stumbled across this great shop/website/blog 

The feature some really great artists, not just ceramicists. 

Mmmmm, love her glazing. Great pooling at the base. (Photo by Studio KotoKoto)

I've seen Birdie Boone's work in person before, but I didn't know her work was hand-built. I'd say the approach with the majority of hand-built pots reveals that they were constructed with slabs. That is certainly not the case with Birdie Boone's work. There is so much movement and "plush-ness", this whole time she had me thinking they were altered off the wheel. I hold great respect and appreciation for many hand built potters, but I've never seen such dynamic pots as those created by Birdie Boone. 

This image is incredible! All of her clay stained patterns hanging beautifully in her studio. (Photo by Birdie Boone)

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