Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Week

I had a great first week at St. Pete Clay. Not too much to write about. Basically, my focus has been making making making. I need to complete a bunch of work for the 3rd week of Sept.

I'm sending off about 40 pieces to the Clay Studio in Philadephia and I also want to fill my online shop with 30+ pieces (via etsy or my website or both).

So here are just a few, not-the-most-interesting pictures from the week.

My wonderful morning drive over the ocean to St. Pete via the Gandy Bridge
Measure twice. Install once.
Saturday is my work day. Jeremy and I took down A.I.R show and reinstalled it in the middle gallery space. 
It's a party and all the new bowls and plates were invited. 
Jumped right into making mugs, cups, plates, platters and bowls

Lots more to come.  I'll be making some more plates this week and definitely some BiG items. Platters, fruit bowls, pitchers, maybe a teapot or two. Should be fun.

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