Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glaze Glaze Glaze

So I am finished with my first cycle of making and am moving on to a week of glazing before a firing or two next week. But first, I have to decorate a ton of bisque work!

Today, I'll share how I make and apply color washes on pots.

What you'll need: two mixing containers, stain of your choice, frit (I use gerstley borate), brush for mixing, mini strainer, H20

1:1 stain to frit

Add water to powder until desired consistency. I like to use a palette knife to incorporate the mixture. I  also leave the wash thick and add water to it as I paint and it behaves just like watercolors.

Sieve liquid until smooth and free of lumps. Use as is with a brush or caligraphy pen. I do both and also like to fill empty paint pens. 

To fill a felt tip pen, carefully saw open an empty chalk ink (or paint). Clean out, fill with wash and then reseal with duct tape

But do your best to get the liquid in the pen.... A funnel or steady hand might help

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