Friday, September 6, 2013

Week #2

Started working on some smaller pitchers and jars.  When making these, I'm focused on how the lines move and relate with each part. Per Andy Shaw's suggestion, I am making the rims a bit fatter to give them that "puff" or softness that I am looking for.
I've been experimenting a lot with surface. I definitely want to keep my body of abstract work, but I'm playing with the idea of incorporate some subtle, specific imagery. I painted this with slips, and then put a white slip over top of the painting hoping the image would just barely peek through. Kind of like a hazy memory or a dream that you can barely remember. Unfortunately I put a hole in this platter!! But I will still fire it to see the results.
Another experiment. A dark brown slip on porcelain with a few pops of color. Definitely a little more of specific floral imagery. There is also a central grid hiding behind white slip.

Its handle time!! They love each other.
At Penland, I started using more clay for my mugs. So I am making much larger, comfy, fat-footed mugs with roomy handles. These guys can hardly wait to be used. 

Two bisque firings this week and probably two glaze firings the following week! Lots and lots to do between now and then. 

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